What are people saying about School for Community Learning?

Parent Testimonials

  • “We love SCL! Our daughter loves her teacher and she has learned more in the first semester of this year than she did all of last year at her old school. If you’re looking for rigor without the pressure and without pretentiousness, SCL is for you!”
  • “School for Community Learning is a great fit for my child. They foster her compassion and emotional intelligence as well as stimulate her academic intelligence. Great balance.”
  • “SCL has a commitment to community that extends beyond a website mission statement. The teachers and staff support each other and students – there is a true community inside the school walls and out!”
  • “My child can be 100% himself at SCL. We needed to have him in an environment where it is ok for him to feel, to have snuggles, to wear nail polish, to need to go outside a lot!”
  • “I could not ask for a better school for my kid!”
  • “SCL is such a diamond of a school. I plan to send all of my kids here.”
  • “The learning environment is welcoming, peaceful and engaging! My son felt excited to be there from day one.”
  • “I’d love to see more SCL schools around Indianapolis. I believe if we had more schools like SCL we’d have a higher success rate in adults.”
  • “I appreciate the Passions classes, the introduction to yoga and other activities”.
  • “My children really like the relaxed, family style environment at the school. They really felt like the school was fun and allowed them to be more of themselves. I love the socially engaging aspect of it. I also like the small school setting that allows students to get more one-on-one support. I like the multiple grades in the classroom for challenge and older models within the classroom. It supports maturity and growth.”
  • “This school has been the best thing to happen to my son since entering school. Ms. Jessie is the most patient, encouraging teacher. She, and the wonderful staff have given me the best version of my son. The only thing I would change, is extending the grades into high school. Our family is going to miss this school!”
  • “We love the learning environment, the fantastic faculty and different class offerings. Our daughter has taken her choice of art classes, yoga, and outdoor classes and has loved each course. She is excelling in math and growing in reading. She loves to go to school and that says a lot! School for Community Learning was the best choice.”
  • “School for Community Learning is an Independent School (sic) that emphasizes project-based learning and emphasizes social justice. For my high-energy 2nd-grader, this is the perfect combination to maximize his achievement. SCL is a perfect school for anyone who values focusing on individual students, rather than grade levels, and on teaching the right way, rather than teaching to the test.”
  • “We’ve been so pleased to find a positive environment that encourages our son to learn at his own pace and in his own way. Both kids and staff are amazing, patient, encouraging, and so supportive. Truly a unique and excellent learning space. I would never send him anywhere else now that we have experienced such a great learning model.”
  • “My son began here in 3rd grade from a wonderful public school and I haven’t looked back since! While his previous school was great, it pales in comparison to SCL! Here he is free to be himself in a supportive and enriching environment. He learns through several different modalities and is NEVER taught to the test (although they do ISTEP, it is not at all the focus of his learning). In a single year he advanced 3 grade levels in reading and 2 in math. He comes home everyday excited about what he learned and wakes up every morning excited about what the day might bring (well, maybe not everyday, he is a 4th grader after all…but a significant improvement from the fight to get him to school previously). The teachers and staff know my child (and our family) on sight and it is a great community feel. They also know what strengths and challenges my son faces and create the right learning experience just for him. I cannot even imagine going to another school!”
  • “On behalf of my family, I would like to thank School for Community Learning to giving my daughter the opportunity and free reigns to express herself more openly. Before the school year started, my wife and I were so misplaced as to where we were to enroll our daughter for her last year in junior high school – and there you guys were. Upon her being with a system of learning that is more conducive for her skill sets, she has become more outgoing than ever ¬†and it is in my opinion one of the greatest decisions as her father that School for Community Learning was a perfect fit for her growth and development upon transitioning into high school.”
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