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February 3, 2016

Robotics team @ VEX Robotics Competition

On Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 23rd and 24th SCL’s two Robotics Teams participated in the county-wide VEX Robotics Competition sponsored by the Mayor’s office. It was held this year in the Indianapolis Convention Center.

About 200 elementary, middle and high school teams competed.

The El-LEDZ driving team consisting of Desiree Clay, Kaylee Clay and Sam Harrington placed 13th out of more than 30 elementary teams in the VEX IQ division. Chioh Mmafrika and Maya Sylvester were not able to join us but made real contributions during the design, creation and practice phases of the season.

The middle school team of Abby Clay, Devlin DeFosse, Esmee Harp, Jenna Clay, Layth Abdulbari, and Una Dunigan did an outstanding job as well. The LEDz team competed in the high school VEX VRC division and placed 14th of more than 60 teams. They were the ONLY middle school team to place so highly.

In November this same group competed in a different competition in Bloomington, IN and placed in the semi-finals.

This was the first year that SCL has had an elementary team and all of the middle school team were brand new to Robotics with one exception from last year’s team, Jenna Clay.

For BOTH of our teams to do so well is remarkable – especially with the limited resources and experience of our students.

We should all be incredibly proud of what the teams accomplished.

Mr. Nick who coached the El-LEDz and Mr. Chris that coached the middle school teams certainly are.

GOOD JOB, Robotics Teams!