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October 30, 2015

Our New Name

In 2012, Project Libertas launched as a small, independent, “pay as you can” school in Indianapolis. Libertas (freedom, liberty) embodied our desire to teach freely as well as to teach students how to affect their communities for the common good.

Each year since then we have grown in size and in spirit. Now, entering our fourth year, we are excited to unveil our new school name and logo.


Our new name for our school is the School for Community Learning. This name transformation allows us to more clearly articulate who we are and what we do. The name speaks to our focus on students collaborating with one another and our communities.

In 2012, when we became Project Libertas we experienced a rebirth. We believe our current transformation is more of a graduation. Our school is no longer a project – it has graduated to become a thriving, growing school.

The spirit of freedom and liberty that originally called us to launch Project Libertas endures. We have chosen to continue the legacy of this name by keeping it as the official name of our parent organization, and to serve as a home for future community projects.