About School for Community Learning

School for Community Learning is a progressive, independent K-8 school in Indianapolis, Indiana. (We will be adding a pre-k class in the 2022-23 school year.) Our school was started in August 2012 by four teachers and 23 families who were committed to teaching freely and showing students how they could affect their communities. We have grown to a staff of 13 with 75 students. Our student-centered classes focus on meeting each child’s academic and social needs and passions. Learn about our teaching approach


Our learning environment empowers students to be active directors in their education and communities. We work together with families and community partners to ensure each child’s success. Our students are immersed in problem solving, critical thinking, and social engagement.

We strongly believe that a progressive, community-centered education should be available to all children regardless of family income. Because of this commitment, our school offers need-based tuition assistance and accepts Choice Scholarships. Visit our Tuition page for more information about enrollment and financial assistance.

Our mission is to discover, recognize and nurture the talents and gifts of each child, graduating students with the capacity, knowledge and social awareness to be actively engaged in their communities.

The following core beliefs guide our practice:

    • We know our students well, and tailor our approaches to meet their aspirations and needs.
    • We help students achieve academic success by encouraging curiosity, investigation and critical thought.
    • We strive to end, in our school, the statistically predictive barriers that race, class, gender and special capacities have on student success and engagement.
    • We instill social responsibility and personal wellness in our culture and curriculum, with an emphasis on sustainability.
    • We teach through a lens of interconnectedness, helping our students know themselves, others, and the world around them.
    • We recognize and honor the diverse histories and experiences of our students, their families and the broader school community.
    • We value kindness, honesty and trustworthiness as crucial building blocks of character.
K-8 School in Indianapolis (pre-K coming in 2022-23 school year)

We are located near the intersection of Michigan Rd and W. 42nd St., but our school attracts families from across the city of Indianapolis and the surrounding communities.  We value having a community built on differences and similarities, on bridging gaps, and on forming relationships.

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