Bee Public Hive

Bee Public

Bee Public is an organization that is committed to making Indianapolis a more bee-friendly city through community outreach and education. In the spring of 2016, Bee Public installed a hive at our school and trained students, parents, and teachers in beekeeping practices. This has been an amazing opportunity for our school community to recognize the importance of bees and also get first hand experience in keeping them healthy and happy in a managed hive.

Butler University

Professors and students partner with our classes on projects. In addition, their music program provides after school lessons to our students at a discounted rate.

Distelrath Farms

We partner with Distelrath Farms to provide additional learning experiences for our students, including internships and collaboration on classroom projects.

Earth Charter Indiana

Earth Charter teaches children to be environmental advocates and works with our teachers and administrators to coordinate field trips that enrich our environmental curriculum. Our students have visited Indy Urban Acres and the Efroymson Conservation Center, they have gone on fishing trips with the Department of Natural Resources, and each year they participate in the annual Eco-Science Fair.

img_9455Indy Yoga Movement

Indy Yoga Movement comes to our school twice a week to lead our Yoga Passions class.

Second Helpings

Second Helpings is an organization that rescues prepared and perishable food from wholesalers, retailers, and restaurants and uses the food to create hot meals for schools and social service agencies.   Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Second Helpings delivers hot lunch to our students.

Sustainable Schools Project

The Sustainable Schools Project, located in Burlington, VT, is a leader in promoting environmental education across the country. We have adopted their Education for Sustainability model which connects classroom learning with community action so that students can be agents in creating a more sustainable future.

White Pine Wilderness Academy

White Pine teaches outdoor efficacy and offers the opportunity for children and adults to observe and interact with nature and the wild. We are committed to helping our students develop a wholesome relationship with nature, so we partner with this organization for projects and field trips.

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